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Faren’s industrial headquarters are based in Solaro approximately 10 km  north of Milan, immerged in the greenery of Groane Park. The facilities incorporate the administration and operative offices, laboratories for product research and control, production and warehouse. 

The site has at its disposal a total area of 57 000sqm, 32 500sqm of which are covered. The production plant, which is one of the most modern and equipped in Europe, produces millions of litres of detergents, solvents, absorbents, lubricants and technical aerosols every year.

To be recognised as an Innovative Company in the World’s market of chemical products.

ISO 9001
Quality Management, confirmed by third parties in a scientific manner, confirms that the quality system of a company complies with International requirements.
The Quality management certificate is a system that within itself covers all internal procedures, which imply quality in each and every phase of the daily company procedures (production, quality control, machineries, client feedback, loading of orders, commercial and equipment management).
ISO 9001 is reserved to PRODUCERS.

ISO 14001
ENVIRONMENTAL Certification, which testifies that the company guarantees the full and complete respect of the laws and regulations for the safeguard of the SOIL, AIR and WATER, during each and every phase of its internal system.  This means that the improvement and constant research for the usage of natural resources and preventing pollution with certified systems.  Practically, the companies that are ISO 14001 certified can be declared ECOLOGICAL COMPANIES.






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